Our Other "Tail"

If you’re like most people, you don’t mind occasionally spending money on a big night out. A great meal, a great concert, a great hotel room – hey, you deserve it. But when you pay for advertising or any kind of digital media to promote your company and its products or services, you’d like the return on your investment to last more than one night . . . or one week . . . or even one fortnight (whatever that is). Let’s face it . . . you’d like that investment to keep generating a return for you for as long as possible. Additional returns with no additional costs. Say, now there’s a business model we all could wrap our arms around.

And that’s where Lunchbox’s “other tail” comes in.



Long Tail Marketing: A technique for increasing sales while decreasing the cost of each sale by sharing content with other sources that will, over time, attract other consumers to your site. In other words, the more of you that’s out there, the more of them that will hear what you have to say, and keep on hearing it . . . and keep on buying what you’re selling.

Lunchbox gets a lot more of you out there. Through our integrated media approach and the power of viral marketing, we can grow you one ridiculously long tail that will continue to generate business for you long after that first night with us has become just one more sweet memory. We have no bias toward one type of media over another. We don’t play favorites. Our passion lies in finding unique ways to augment traditional advertising to create a deeper and more effective experience for people. We create media content that people talk about. So, when Lunchbox gets your message out there, it stays out there. An ad that we place in one medium will, by design, find its way into other media and, through viral marketing, reach exponentially more potential customers than you thought possible.

Our long tale . . . about our long tail.